These are a product of my overactive imagination. They are scenes from my fanfiction, After the Die is Cast (if only HP belonged to me, you know?). Those of you who have read what chapters have been posted on MNFF thus far should get a kick out of these. ;)

Exams Time
From Chapter One: "Exams Time"
Harry enters the portrait hole to find Ron and Hermione snoozing together on the couch.

The Way We Were
From Chapter One: "The Way We Were"
During a conversation with Ginny, Harry muses about the way they used to be before they split.

From Chapter One: "Intervention"
Ron and Hermione try to stop Harry from going off to seek the last Horcrux alone.

Cold Iron Monument
From Chapter Two: "Cold Iron Monument"
Harry arrives on Platform 9 3/4 at night and wishes he could turn around and go home.

Cover Me!
From Chapter Four: "Cover Me!"
Hermione and Ron fall behind when she is struck by a curse and knocked to the ground.

Luna's Commentary
Chapter 8 Deleted Scene: "Luna's Commentary"
Wish I could've used this concept in the story, but it just didn't work. Luna was going to be relaying the action of the battle to Harry and Co. - with the usual quirky side effects.

Harry... you've been crying.
From Chapter Ten: Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Malfoy find Harry after Snape reveals to him what he must do to survive. (INK print) Hi-Res Here

Other Fanon!

"I Held My Breath": A scene from Shocolate's Harry/Ron fiction, "Doesn't Anything Else Writhe?" in which Ron unexpectedly touches Harry's scar, which no one has ever done before.

"Take Off Your Trousers": A scene from another of Shocolate's fics, "Believe That Magic Works". It is New Year's Eve, Hermione has left the boys alone to "bond" before setting off on their dangerous quest, and Harry makes the drunken assertion that "If we're gonna talk about girls, it just seems we should be in our boxers." Rated PG-13 for drinking and shirtlessness. *wink*