The following are some of the canon/fanon color prints I've done. There aren't many thus far, so I'm going to condense them on the same page for the time being. More to come, so hang in there!

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween!
Originally drawn for the Mugglenet Halloween art contest but eventually wound up as FictionAlley Park's layout.

Seeker No More
Seeker No More
The infamous kiss from Half-Blood Prince. I couldn't resist, folks. Hoping to get a high res version up soon...

Ron's Secret
Ron's Secret
A scene from a Christmas R/Hr fanfic I wrote: A Fairy Tale by Fairy-Light. Ron's about to give Hermione her... um... Christmas gift. ;)

In Her Room
In Her Room
A scene out of Brittpinkie's lovely fiction, In Her Room. Harry sneaks in at night to check in on his daughter and is shortly thereafter joined by Ginny.

Live from the Three Broomsticks!
Live from the Three Broomsticks!
Not your average OBHWF picture. Hi-Res version

Snow Day
Snow Day
Requested by Ivy Riddle. Harry, Luna, Ginny, and Neville have some fun out in the snow. (Non-canon ships.)

Before I Let You Go...
Before I let You Go...
In an impromptu visit, Harry and Ginny share one last night before they must part. RATED PG-13. Hi-Res version.

Safe With Me
Safe With Me
The final scene from Nightfall00's fic, Internal Exile: "While still holding hands, they both fell into a peaceful sleep."

Unto Death
Requested artwork for Jezzleffezzle for his fic, The Final Chapter:Happiness Remembered in which the unfathomable happens: Harry survives. And his friends do not.

Fading Into You
A scene from Velvethope's Harry/Ginny fiction, In Essence: Undivided (password access required). Though Ginny cannot attend the Yule Ball at Hogwarts, Harry brings the Yule Ball to Ginny with a little planning, some help from friends and family, and of course, a little magic.

Lovers Series:

Ron's Secret

Ron's Secret

Commissioned Artwork:

First Signs of Magic
"First Signs of Magic" commissioned for Prof_Irina.

The New Marauders
Commissioned for Anne for her fiction, "The New Marauders". Click here for her story! Hi-Res

Counting Freckles
Commissioned for Mrspadf00t1 for her fiction, "Tangled".

The Monster *On* Harry's Chest
Commissioned by Raja for Velvethope.

Study Session
Commissioned by Amberlyn.

Catching the Hogwarts Express
Commissioned by Tuplika2010 (Fred, George, and 2 Original Characters)

Special Quidditch Pitch Commission for Incognito

Restricted Area:
(Password Protected. Please email me your year of birth for access.)

Purpose and Pleasure
Art for Cariad2's R/Hr fiction, "Who'll Rock the Cradle?" Rated R for adult content.

Art for S_W Burrow Challenge

I Can Change
Harry/Draco Art for S_W Anti-OTP Challenge (slash)

Digital Artwork:

Remember Cedric Diggory
Arwork in memory of my cousin, Ivan. Missing scene from GOF.

Harry Possessed
Canon scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: "...[H]e was locked in the coils of a creature with red eyes, so tightly bound that Harry did not know where his body ended and the creature's began. They were fused together, bound by pain, and there was no escape..."

Trousers Off
The colored version of this picture. Hi-Res version.

Harry and James
James with Baby Harry. A birthday gift!art for Penny_Sieve.

Harry and Ginny, for Benn. Because "they are worthy of each other." :D

No Fairy Princess
"No Fairy Princess": Fleur Delacour